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when the square has to go through the round

Design and marketing with Jeanette and Ingo is... not just executing but thinking along. For a joint development and improvement of communication measures.

To be there when you are needed. For big and small things. Even when things get "tricky". Fast, reliable, efficient. That's how we enjoy working for all our clients. To convince with creative design and good strategic ideas:
Understanding and implementing design and marketing. We can.

We see ourselves as competent conceptual and creative consultants, planners, realizers.
With an eye on efficiency, costs and deadlines, we are a reliable, experienced and flexible partner for the development and implementation of all forms and products of communication.

Design and creativity for the Tour de Berlin

We are partners of the Tour de Berlin, because we like to do nice things and are also a bit bike crazy. We were pleased that we were allowed to develop and design the logo for the "Tour de Berlin". Thank you for the great task and the trust in us.
The picture at the top shows me on the Tempelhof airfield (Tempelhofer Feld) on my first bike through Berlin a few years ago. There I got to know Berlin with its many colorful facets and learnt to love it a little more.

With the logo we express:
1. Berlin is colorful, lively and modern
2. The "Tour de Berlin" is a fresh and dynamic event.
3. All who participate are in motion together with joy and passion.

On the left of the picture you can see one of the preliminary drafts of the logo, still with many colors, and then (next to it on the right) the version that is now implemented.
The golden yellow circle is now a symbol of the Tour de Berlin, a well-rounded event with great courses.

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Ingo Waldschmitt, Design&Marketing Werbeagentur GmbH, Stuttgart

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Tour de Berlin
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