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Reglement Youngsters Race 2023

3-day stage tour for

U13m/w and U15m/w

Reglement Youngsters Race 2023:

3-day stage tour for students (U13m/w and U15m/w) in the heart of Berlin


Event Information:

Tour de Berlin – Internationales Youngsters Race 2023

25.08. - 27.08.2023

Tempelhof Airfield / Olympic Stadium Berlin

Berlin Cycling Association e.V.

Claudiu Ciurea, President
Philipp Tutzschke, Event
Karsten Podlesch, Sports

On the grounds of the Tempelhofer Flugfedes and on the grounds of the Olympiastadion

Stage race

Nomination until:
08/2023, 10:00 PM

Berlin Cycling Association
Entries will be accepted only by Excel form.

The nomination is done team by team. National teams, LV teams and club teams are eligible to compete.. A team consists of 3 or 4 riders. A team may only consist of riders from one of the following categories:
- U13 m/f
- U15 m
- U15 w

The starting places are limited. The organizer will select starting places and teams, draw lots if necessary.
Confirmed teams will receive the further required information (technical guide) by 20/08/2023, teams not accepted will be notified.

Deadline for registration of starting riders by name no later than 20.08.2023. Only the Excel registration form will be accepted.

A contribution towards expenses of 110 euros per team is to be transferred to the following account after confirmation of participation

Berlin Cycling Association e.V.
IBAN: DE05 1203 0000 1020 0134 37
Intended purpose: "TdB", team name and age group

The contribution towards expenses includes the entry fee and one lunch per race day for each athlete.

The tour will be ridden according to the rules of the UCI and the BDR and these special regulations.


Number issue: On the grounds, near start/finish (signposted), 10:00-12:30am.

Comments: Start numbers will be handed out team by team before the start of the 1st stage. Transponders and start numbers will be handed out team by team after the last race.

The team leader meeting for all classes will take place on 25.08.2023 at 11:30 am in the starting area of the 1st stage.

Das Reglement Youngsters Race 2023 zum Download

as German and English version, as well as the current registration form as Excel sheet.
Deadline has been extended until 20.08.2023 - 22:00.

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Please check that all the information has been recorded correctly.
We accept corrections on an ongoing basis.

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Material determinations:


For all stages, the material regulations of the competition regulations for road racing of the BDR (WB Straße) point 4.2 paragraph 2; paragraph 4 and 4.3 paragraph 4 must be observed.

Violators will be charged 2 penalty seconds per kilometer driven.


Material regulations of the BDR 4.2

In the female and male junior categories pupils (U15, U13) the use of the following materials is generally not allowed, also during the time trial.

  • Wheels with less than 12 spokes and disc wheels
  • so-called horn, delta or triathlon handlebars
  • Handlebar attachments of all kinds

If morphologically necessary, 24-inch wheels with at least 24 spokes may also be used in the U 15, U 13 age group.


Material regulations of the BDR 4.3 (paragraph 4)

Permitted maximum ratios

U 13 5,66 m

U 15 6,10 m

Only the payoff length is decisive for checking the gear ratio limitations. The run-out length is the distance covered by a wheel in one complete crank revolution.

If larger gear ratios would be possible on the used road bike, the maximum permissible gear ratio can be adjusted by a mechanical blockade. However, a simple blocking of the smaller sprockets (larger ratios) by an adjusting screw is not permitted due to the risk of manipulation.


The transmission and wheel check for each male and female rider will be carried out before the start in the individual time trial and team time trial. In the mass start competitions, the first 20 of each race immediately after the finish.

Stage overview:

25.08.2023 13:00 Tempelhof U13w Circuit 17,3 km
13:05 U13m Circuit 17,3 km
13:50 U15w Circuit 28,8 km
15:00 U15m Circuit 28,8 km
16:15 started in 3 blocks U13m/w MZF 11,5 km
17:25 started in 2 blocks U15w MZF 11,5 km
18:05 started in 3 blocks U15m MZF 11,5 km
19:30 Award ceremonies U13/U15 MZF
26.08.2023 10:00 Tempelhof U13m/w EZF (start every 30s) 2,25 km
11:00 U15w EZF (start every 30s) 2,25 km
11:40 U15m EZF (start every 30s) 2,25 km
12:45 U13w Circuit 22,5 km
12:47 U13m Circuit 22,5 km
13:45 U15w Circuit 36,0 km
15:00 U15m Circuit 38,3 km
27.08.2023 10:00 Olympic Stadium U13w Circuit 24,0 km
10:04 U13m Circuit 24,0 km
11:15 a.m. U15w Circuit 36,0 km
13:00 U15m Circuit 40,0 km

Scoring jerseys:


  • Yellow - jersey for the overall leader(s) in each class, so 4 jerseys for U13m, U13w, U15m and U15w. The yellow jersey will be awarded after each stage.
  • Green - jersey for the leader(s) of the sprint classification in each class, so also 4 jerseys. The green jersey is not awarded after the team time trial and not after the individual time trial.
  • White - jersey for the best of the younger age group in the overall classification, 4 jerseys. The white jersey is awarded after each stage.
  • Red jersey for the most combative or fairest rider of the race day. One girl and one boy in the U13 and U15 class will be honored per race day, 4 jerseys per race day.

If a rider leads in more than one classification, the order of classification is: Yellow - Green - White. These leading jerseys must be worn on the next stage. The red jersey may be worn on the next stage. If the leader in the junior jersey (white) or sprint jersey (green) has a higher value jersey, the next best rider in the special classification will wear the leader's jersey as a substitute on the next stage.



Overall scores in all classes for individual, sprint and junior (younger age group).

The overall individual classification is based on time. In the stage at the Olympic Stadium (full stage), there are 10, 6 and 4 seconds time credit for the three first-place finishers (in the U13, the time credits are given to the first three male and the first three female riders in each race, even if the fields have run together). During the Tempelhof circuit races, there will be 6, 4 and 2 seconds of time credit for the top three finishers. In addition, during the mass start races, there are sprint scores where 3,2 and 1 second time credit can be won (U13 respectively for the first three male and the first three female riders in the sprint round).

The leader's jersey in the overall classification and the junior classification will be awarded after each half stage, i.e. after the Tempelhof-RR, the Tempelhof-MZF, the Tempelnof-EZF, the Tempelhof-RR and after the final race at the Olympic Stadium.

The team classification is also based on time, but for each stage the time of the best three riders of the team is added. Time credits are not included in the team classification. For the team time trial the ridden time of the team will be taken into account. The three best teams in each of the classes U13, U15m and U15w will be honored as overall team winners at the end of the tour.

Since the winner's time of the male and female riders will be different in the U13 circuit races, and to reduce advantage/disadvantage in team composition, the winner's time of both genders will each be set to 0:00:00 for the overall team standings. The distances will remain the same and will be scored.

In each class the sprint jersey will be contested. For this purpose, there are sprint laps in the circuit races, in which the first four riders win 5-3-2-1 points each (if the field is merged in the U13, the first three male and the first three female riders still get points). Each point won will be included in the sprint classification. In the mass start races, 10-7-5-3-2-1 points will be awarded to the first-place finishers at the finish (for U13, points will be awarded to the first six male riders and the first six female riders). After each stage, the leader in the sprint classification receives the green jersey and wears it in the next stage.

Since there are no points to be gained for the green jersey in the MZF and EZF, the green jersey will be awarded after the MZF and EZF not reassigned.

In each class, the best male and female junior rider will be honored with the white jersey. The best junior male and female rider is the best placed male and female rider in the individual ranking among all riders of the younger age group of the respective class.


For each stage, the most combative or fairest rider will be chosen by the jury and honored with the red jersey. One red jersey will be awarded per race day for each age group and gender. The jersey may be worn on the next stage.

Other Provisions:


In the mass start competitions there will be a registration check before the start, which will be closed 10 minutes before the start.

Electronic means of communication (e.g. radio) are prohibited. 

Support vehicles are generally not permitted.

Allowed material changes and regulations about lap compensation in case of crash or defect will be communicated by the jury directly before the respective stage.

If a rider cannot finish a stage because of a crash or defect, he/she will be scored in the daily classification with a time of 120% of the time of the last of his/her race and will be allowed to start at the next stage. During the last stages, riders who are about to lose laps in the first 2/3 of the race (U13 - 4 laps, U15 - 7 laps) may be taken out of the race and scored as described above.

In case of a fall or a defect on the last 3 km, respectively at the 2nd circuit race on the Tempelhofer Flugfeld on the last lap in the mass start competitions, the athlete concerned will receive the riding time from the group he/she was in.

The stages:



Tempelhofer Field

Parking lot P2 next to the airfield is reserved for the athletes. No motor vehicles are allowed on the Tempelhofer Flugfeld site.
Please use the entrance to the Tempelhofer Flugfeld site via Werner-Loebermann Weg.

Here is the link for the parking lot on Google Maps - Parking Tempelhof Hangar

Olympic site

The parking lot Olympic Square in the middle of the race track is reserved for the athletes. Entry and exit is possible during the race breaks, otherwise follow the instructions of the stewards.

Here is the link for the parking lot on Google Maps - Parking Olympic Square

Honorary gifts:


Leadership jerseys will be awarded as described in the "Scoring Overview" section.


Team classification

Medals (gold, silver, bronze) for all participants of the winning teams. A Berlin Bear for each winning team.


Individual ranking

Berlin Bear for the top three finishers in each class.


Sprint classification/young talent classification

Only the winner's jersey for the winner in each class.


Cash prices

Team time trial / Individual time trial / Individual overall classification / Overall team classification / Junior classification/.
A total of over 2,000 euros in cash bonuses are up for grabs across all classes.

The payment of the cash prizes will be made team by team by bank transfer. This will only be done if start numbers and transponders have been returned in full.


Stage 1b) according to sport regulations and number of entries

Individual time trial) according to sport regulations and number of entries

Stage 2c) according to sport regulations and number of entries

Stage 3) according to sport regulations and number of entries

Overall individual classification according to sport regulations and number of entries

Sprint classification: Additional prizes according to number of entries

Fighter/Fairest 20€ per award

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