Tour de Berlin - Internationales Youngsters Race 2024

Get ready and save the date 30.08 bis 01.09.2024

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The international Youngsters Race successfully at the finish line. The stages have been completed and the concept has been confirmed. We have put the individual route descriptions for the Tour de Berlin - International Youngsters Race 2022 online. We will keep updating them. The regulations for the stage race are also available here. Save the Date for the International Youngsters Race 2.0: 25.08.2023 to 27.08.2023.


Tour de Berlin - Relaunch 2022

The Berlin Cycling Federation, with an outstanding team of helpers, has brought the international Youngsters Race with a new concept to the center of Berlin from August 19 to 21, 2022. The new era of events to promote young talent in cycling is thus heralded. The legendary Tour de Berlin experienced the new edition. The enthusiasm of the audience increased until the final stage: the Karl-Marx-Alle was transformed into a sports arena by athletes and spectators. This opening event was positive and is the basis for further events in cycling for the young up to the U23 in Berlin.

Torbogen HEUER mit Nachwuchsfahrern


Claudiu, Robert, Andreas, Marc, Ingo, Arno, Klaus, Marius, Rene, Martin, Sascha, Erich, Joachim u.v.m.

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Berlin Cycling Association e.V.

John Degenkolb bei Paris Roubaix


To provide a platform for the next generation to compete fairly in bicycle racing and to create space for friendships and intercultural encounters.

Roger Kluge in Siegerpose


As a federation, we take on the role of pioneer and offer young talent the opportunity to achieve the formulated goals with fun in competitive sports through appropriate support and to experience the dream of a gold medal.

International Youngsters Race

Save the Date - from 25.08 to 27.08.2023 it is again 3 days - 3 venues in the center of Berlin - close to the spectators. After the race is before the race. We have reviewed the race - Tour de Berlin - International Youngsters Race and it was 100%. For the athletes on site the Tour de Berlin - International Youngsters Race was a celebration. The concept for 2023 will not change, we will leave good things and implement suggestions. We are looking forward to you.

Day 1 - Tempelhofer Feld 0
Day 2 - Tempelhofer Feld 0
Day 3 - Around the Olympic Stadium 0

Tempelhof airfield

Before the former airport becomes a rock concert arena again this weekend, the U13 and U15 cyclists will rock the former runways of the legendary Tempelhof Airport. The opening stage of the Tour de Berlin for the International Youngsters Race starts with the team time trial.


Kristina Vogel sent the young athletes on their way to the final stage with a starting signal. On the last day on the legendary Karl-Marx-Allee, the fight for the jerseys was once again exciting. The special thing about this stage tour is that the female and male classes are rated separately for the jerseys.

Olympic Stadium

When Jens Voigt sent the first starters out on the time trial lap in front of the magnificent backdrop of the Olympic Stadium in the morning, it still seemed as if the weather gods would once again enable the young racers to race in dry conditions, just like on Friday. In the afternoon, during the circuit races, there were wet wetter conditions, which required increased attention from the racers.


Actually I could not .... Claudiu and Robert introduced me to the new concept for the Tour de Berlin with the Youngsters Race, I was convinced by the positive energy, optimism and enthusiasm with which is planned and implemented here. I am happy to be there at the start of the new edition of the traditional event.
Drew Kaplan , sports photographer
Drew Kaplan Portrait
Goals, i.e. competitions, are essential for a healthy basis in young cycling. I'm delighted that the Tour de Berlin is adding such an event to the calendar for young cyclists with the Youngsters Race. At the time, Berlin was my big goal for the season because I knew that I could compete with the best international cyclists there.
Maximilian Schachmann , German cyclist
Maximilian Schachmann
Successful cyclists who have competed on European roads have competed with their peers on Berlin's streets at a young age. This tradition will be continued with the Tour de Berlin 2022. New routes in Berlin's metropolis.
Karsten Podlesch , former successful bicycle racer, 6-day stayer
The Berlin cycling federation has asked me to support the international junior tour. A sustainable and ambitious project in the promotion of young talent. Common goals: To bring cycling back to the center of the cities and to recapture the enthusiasm of the spectators, so that competitive sport is once again carried through society. I was immediately enthusiastic. We are coming to Berlin!
Joachim Heuer , cycling enthusiast entrepreneur
Joachim Heuer
"The International Youngsters Race as part of the Tour de Berlin with new routes in the heart of the capital, with a new brand, a redesigned and modern external presentation and a new organization team. I am convinced that with this concept, the traditional Int. Kids Tour will get the old glamour and the attention that our youngsters deserve."
Claudiu Ciurea , President Berlin Cycling Federation
Claudiu Ciurea BRV
"Huge for the kids now, was huge for me back then. Was extremely cool that we could compete internationally and race in the middle of the Kudamm, was a real highlight every year."
Roger Kluge , cyclist
Roger Kluge - Radrennbahn
"The Kids Tour Berlin is a great opportunity for German and international youngsters to show themselves on a big stage and a super motivation for later."
Lea Lin Teutenberg , cyclist
Lin Teutenberg
"My two victories, in the U13 as well as in the U15 class, were not only great unforgettable moments, but gave me the necessary fun, ambition and motivation to pursue my dream of becoming a professional cyclist!"
John Degenkolb , cyclist
John Degenkolb bei Paris Roubaix
"The Berlin Cycling Association is in a state of upheaval. I want to transform cycling with the Tour de Berlin. After Corona, young talent deserves this commitment. I'm happy to be part of the team."
Robert Förstemann , professional cyclist and Vice President Berlin Cycling Federation
Robert Förstemann - Portrait sw
"When I took part in the Kids Tour, I was immensely proud to be there. Such highlights are the decisive motivation to stay involved in a sport. The Tour de Berlin has been a sporting flagship for the BRV for many years, we definitely want to continue this tradition."
Andreas Mueller , Berlin Cycling Federation Office
Andreas Müller
"At the Berlin Cycling Federation, you want to make a difference. And for me it's something special to be in charge of a youth tour in my hometown as sports director. We're building something great there for the long term!"
Marc Benkert , mathematician and passionate cyclist
Marc Benkert
tour de Berlin - internationales Youngsters Race

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